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Mr. Pinkbrush break the rules

The unconventional Fabian Froehly (also known as Mr. Pinkbrush) is a street artist that likes to break the rules and combines street art

with Neo-Expressionism. Reimagining well known individuals is central to his work. Albert Einstein becomes an activist calling police to action, The Beatles are casual fashion monkeys,

and superheroes are the icons of fashion and art.  Mr. Pinkbrush remains innovative and still bonded to the tradition of street art.

His work continues to explore visual representations that have been popularized by greats like Banksy and Mr. Brainwash.

He integrates an array of his contemporary’s stylistic elements into his work, yet always presents and thematizes them in new contexts. 


Street art gained international notoriety for its extraordinary visuals that celebrate the spectacular and surreal, and Mr. Pinkbrush

does not fail to deliver. Colorful graffiti backgrounds, large lettering, policemen, bananas, and naturally – his tag, the art of signature

that’s so fundamental to the street art genre. Like all street art, Mr. Pinkbrush’s work can be read as a social commentary, but it is

built upon using laid-back, unassuming art and pop culture references. Leaving his works not only entertaining and stimulating, but also critical and thought provoking.


Mr. Pinkbrush studied design but realized early on the potential of combining graffiti and painting. He changed urban spaces by painting their walls and alleys. Afterwards, he began to spray canvases in his studio. Today his work is internationally admired. 

Certificate of authenticity

For every work of art on this page you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity on the finest Hanemühle Paper, which is hand-signed

by Mr. Pinkbrush and each has a security hologram.

Tom and Jerry -  Mr. Pinkbrush
Mr. Pinkbrush Dot Painting.JPG
Mr. Pinkbrush Dot Painting Structure.JPG