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Limited edition fine art prints

Giclée Printing is a new and contemporary method of printing that meets the highest requirements of artists, museums and art collectors. This ranks Giclée Printing with the more common, traditional graphic techniques such as etching, serigraphy and stone lithography.


The Giclée Art Print

Produced with the most modern techniques, Giclée prints are the highest quality prints, used by artists to make individual or low-run reproductions of original two-dimensional artwork, limited or open editions of photographs, computer graphics or computer generated imagery. Giclée inkjet printing is a cooperation of the artist and the printmaker, which allows the artist to control every part of the printmaking process.


What does the word Giclée mean?

It is a French term and means to squirt. A Giclée Print is now associated with the highest quality inkjet printing technique. True Giclée prints are produced with a very high resolution (1200dpi minimal to 2400 dpi) and are printed with precious archival inks on acid-free materials. The canvas and papers have been provided with a layer (coating), which ensures that the inks will not degrade.

Certificate of authenticity

For every work of art on this page you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity on the finest Hanemühle paper, which is hand-signed by Mr. Pinkbrush.


Mr. Pinkbrush limited edition fine art prints.jpg
Mr. Pinkbrush is signing the certificate.jpg
Mr. Pinkbrush signed certificate of authenticity.jpg
Fine Art Print by Mr.
Fine Art Print by Mr.
Fine Art Print by Mr. Pinkbrush.jpg

Limited Edition

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