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The Swiss / French artist and martial artist Fabian Fröhly (aka Mr. Pinkbrush) is a contemporary street artist who combining street art with 90s video game, cartoon, and superhero icons.


Mr. Pinkbrush remains true to his street art, comic book roots and background as martial artist. His work has been influenced mainly by his childhood and teenage years in the 90s and, as a professional martial artist, by the world of video games like Street Fighter, and cartoons from Looney Tunes, Disney, The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, all the way to superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and many more. Diverse stylistic elements drawn from his contemporaries are woven into his work, while he tells fun stories that often have a deeper meaning.


Mr. Pinkbrush turns topics from his life, social and political issues into striking, colorful, and powerful works. Through his large repertoire of techniques, he combines both traditional and new painting techniques, drawing inspiration from the old masters and current talents such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and KAWS. Mr. Pinkbrush uses charcoal, acrylic, oil, pastel chalk, spray cans and coffee on canvas to bring the figures, both abstract and realistic, to life with verve and power. The facial expressions and eyes of the painted faces reveal the soul of his work. The image compositions consist of individual sketched and painted figures or even repeated characters with often different expressions, strikingly colorful areas, and writings such as quotes, titles and visual inscriptions, and explanations. The abstract and realistic drawing and painting techniques portray spontaneity and serenity.


At first glance, his work appears humorous and powerful, and can even seem chaotic. Nevertheless, the works display a certain harmony within the chaos and add balance to the composition of the images, as with the golden ratio. The viewer of the works has complete freedom of interpretation and the possibility to discover stories and statements. It is Mr. Pinkbrush‘s intention for his work to move the viewer emotionally as to convey a positive, energetic feeling, even if the themes are sometimes socially or politically critical.


His work is exhibited in galleries worldwide and has been acquired by famous art collectors such as the billionaire Doetsch Grether family from Switzerland with one of the most important private art collections in the world, the billionaire family of Carlos Slim,  the founders of the Soumaya Museum in Mexico, the jewelry and watch dealer and billionaire Pascal Mouawad, among others.


Most recently, his work was exhibited at the Art Fair Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art in Miami and and will be shown at ART MIAMI 2022 by Corridor Contemporary Tel Aviv.



Bartoux Galleries

Paris, France

Miami, USA


Samuel Owen Gallery Logo.png

Samuel Owen Gallery

Boston, USA

Palm Beach FL, USA

logo corridor 2000 px.png

Corridor Contemporary

Tel Aviv, Israel


Nov 29 - Dec 4, 2022


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