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Virtual exhibitions

Curated Works by Mr Pinkbrush

Presenting a captivating collection of original paintings that showcase playful interpretations of contemporary pop icons including Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Street Fighter, Batman, Tom and Jerry, and other beloved figures from the worlds of Disney, Warner Brothers, and Capcom.


Mr. Pinkbrush remains true to his street art and comic sketch roots. His work has been influenced mainly by his childhood and teenage years in the 90s and, as a professional martial artist, by the world of video games like Street Fighter, and cartoons from Looney Tunes, Disney, The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, all the way to superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and many more. Diverse stylistic elements drawn from his contemporaries are woven into his work, while he tells fun stories that often have a deeper meaning.

Certificate of a Authenticity

For every work of art on this page you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity on the finest Hanemühle Paper, which is hand-signed by Mr. Pinkbrush.

Looney Monster painting by Mr. Pinkbrush on
Dwarfs painting in process by Mr.



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